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Alex Robbins

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Tim Arnold

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Amelia Jack

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Suzie Wilson

This isn't actually about your business or services, but I wanted to let you know that I witnessed two of your employees in an act of kindness this morning. I am a teacher at Jefferson Intermediate in St. Charles. While I was waiting in the traffic line to enter school property, there was a backup because a car had stalled on the street. I saw two of your employees (they had orange shirts on with your logo), who were on their way to drop off a student at school, pull their personal vehicle over and hop out to push the car over to the side of the road. It only took a minute of their time, but it was so kind. I'm not sure of their names or the student(s) they were transporting, but it was two men in a dark red Ford large SUV. I just wanted to give them some recognition for being kind and let you know that you have some great people working for you. Thanks!
Emily Carlson

Your roof (the forgotten asset): what it can contribute to your remodel and EVERYDAY LIFE! This is my second review for Mike Pittman, his staff, quality products and their service. They get an A Rating for all the normal reasons BUT, this review doesnt address those typical issues; this review and A rating goes beyond those points: its for out of the box thinking, problem solving and forward planning. For readers who want the short version: Im taking the time to write this review because IF ASKED, Mike can do much more than roof repairs and replacement; he can suggest to any homeowner, reasonably priced ways help you use your roof as a remodel asset that you will see benefit from immediately and every day forward. Truthfully, most people only call roofers to get damage repaired or roofs replaced; many times only willing to spend the limited funds that insurance appraisals will cover. We, as homeowners rarely consider a roofer when doing a remodelor to address low light or current problem areas inside the house. Mike and his staff can work with homeowners to bring natural light in areas where needed, including (but not limited to) a basement. Yes, I said natural light in a basement! Whether your designing a new home, planning a remodel or even just looking for affordable solutions to remedy dark areas in your current home, consider the assets your roof and a knowledgeable installer can provide. In my experience, Mike and his staff are always up to a challenge and actually enjoy applying creative thinking with current products to accomplish your goal. Recently, I hired him to install three Velux Sun Tunnels. Mike had installed one for us when he replaced our roof about 2.5 years ago. At that time, my husband, didnt think a 10 inch sun tunnel would provide much light, but when he came home the day Mike installed it, he asked why I hadnt requested more! My husband was amazed by the amount of light that flooded our interior guest-room shower (its in the center of the house without any w
Anne K.

Pittman Roofing installed a TPO flat roof for us. They did an excellent job and were a joy to work with! Thanks Pittman!

Pittman Roofing did a wonderful job on our roof and siding repairs. Mike was professional and kept us well informed on the process. The crew that came out and fixed our roof was very professional and thorough. Thank you Pittman Roofing!!!
Chad and Kristine Meyer

We are extremely pleased with Pittman Roofing. We were looking for a smooth and hassle free experience and they delivered! The work was of excellent quality, and was started and finished as promised. The owner was easy to contact and always pleasant. We will be recommending Pittman to family and friends.
Brian and Jamie Muldoon

Michael Pittman of Pittman Roofing did a wonderful job of replacing my hail-damaged roof. His crew was efficient and worked well together. Michael knew and understood good roofing practices. In addition, he took care of the nitty-gritty of contacting the insurance company claims adjuster. Honest and careful. Just 18 months previously I had the roof replaced because of hail damage. But I did not choose to use that roofer again. He had additional expenses to his original estimate, some of which the insurance company covered, and some they didn't. To have it replaced again so soon I knew I would NOT use the same roofer. I made an appointment for another roofing company estimate. The salesman didn't show at the appointed time, so I (what a lucky accident) called Pittman Roofing. The other company salesman came late with a made-up excuse. When I showed him the copy of the insurance adjusters replacement estimate he said they do not contact the insurance company at all. That is completely the responsibility of the homeowner. Those experiences made me doubly appreciative of my good fortune in finding Michael Pittman and having the roof and other small damage repairs done carefully and efficiently. His bookkeeping is accurate, he works within budget, he uses good products, and he takes care of all the reports to the insurance company. And he doesn't take up front money on a promise. He shows up with his crew and materials before you make the first payment, and collects the final payment after the insurance company settles with you, in response to his final FAX to the company.

Mike and his team did a tremendous job with our roofiing and guttering needs. Everyone was professional, courteous, and did a tremendous job on our project. We've already received compliments from neighbors on the new roof and the upgraded gutters! Thanks to the entire Pittman Roofing team for a job well done!
Jeremy Poulter

Mike and his crew did a complete roof and siding replacement at my mother in law's home in Chesterfield. I am thrilled to be able to say that they did everything they said they would and more! They were on time, courteous, professional, fairly priced and neat. They cleaned up such that we didn't even know that they had been there - except everything looked brand new. In summary, they did an awesome job! I would recommend Pittman Roofing to anyone in need of the services they provide. Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information or if you would like to see their work personally. Matthew Weick
Matthew Weick

Mike, Just wanted to say THANKS! We are VERY pleased with the service we received from you. You were very professional and also knowledgeable in your recommendations to us. You did a GREAT job, and didn't try to rob us blind on the cost like several other people who gave estimates for replacing the roof...... It looks great!!
Eric Schulte

Mike thanks for a great job. Can't go wrong with this guy. He started, finished when he said and put up a great roof.
Robert Kutchback

Mike Pittman and Pittman Roofing did an excellent roofing job in a very timely manner, cleaned up after completion. I would highly recommend him.
Delores Schmitt